An Easy Way To Add Images To Posts Using Firefox

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An Easy Way To Add Images To Posts Using Firefox

Post by Bookofmadgic on Tue Apr 05, 2011 4:25 pm

I find this a very quick and easy way to add or resize images to my posts.

1. First you need to be using FireFox
Get it here (you can have more than one browser so its ok to keep explorer)

2.Install these two addons

Rehost Image

ResizeIMG (it also crops images if needed)

Just click add to FireFox then restart FF

Once you have the addons installed and you "Right Click" and Image
This is what you will see

Now all you have to do is Right click on an image and select rehost
It will host the image on imageshak (you dont have to have an account
with imageshake for this to work) the link will be saved to your
Clipboard, so all you will have to do is select paste to add it to your

Note the red arrow above pointing to the envelope looking icon..
well thats the icon you click to add your image link

This is what it will show when you click it

all it does is add the brackets to the link that way the forum knows it's an image [img][/img]

The Hash looking icon # is to code links


for images.... [IMG][/IMG]

For links....... [CODE [/CODE]

for quotes.... [QUOTE [/QUOTE]

I have removed ] so that the brackets will show


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