Reasons Why Plugins May Not Work

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Reasons Why Plugins May Not Work Empty Reasons Why Plugins May Not Work

Post by Bookofmadgic on Mon Aug 31, 2009 7:01 pm

1 The plugin is not in 8bf format. Look in the folder that you have downloaded the plugin via the c/programs/Jasc/psp?/plugins folder or where ever you are keeping them and open that folder that has the plugin that you are having trouble in the View/Details or list and look for 8bf extensions on the end. If you don't see them then you may have a plugin that is not PSP compatible.. Check the site that you downloaded it from and it should tell you...usually when it says it is Photoshop compatible you can use it in PSP.

Do another search on this site for "Commander". This is a program for converting plugins to the 8bf format.

2 A lot will not work on the background layer. If you are working on a BG layer as seen on your layer palette promote it to a regular raster layer Layers/Promote/Promote Background

3 Sometimes you have to have a selected area rather than the whole graphic! Selection tool...magic wand an area and try your plugin again.

4 Sometimes you will see the material or color pallet go to a funny color scheme with multiple shades of the same colors showing. In your Effects a lot of effects will not be available..the selections in there are mostly all dead! This is telling you that you have to increase the amount of colors possible in your graphic. Image/Increase Color Depth = 16 million colors!

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