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Post by Bookofmadgic on Mon Aug 31, 2009 6:58 pm

Brightness/Contrast =Shift+B
Browse =Ctrl+B
Colorize =Shift+C
Decrease to 256 =Shift+Ctrl+3
Edit mask =Ctrl+V
Flip =Ctrl+I
Hue/Sat/Light =Shift+H
Increase to 16 million =Shift+Ctrl+0
Invert selection =Ctrl+Shift+I
Mirror =Ctrl+M
Paste as new layer =Ctrl+L
Paste as selection =Ctrl+E
Redo =Ctrl+Alt+Z
Repeat last command =Ctrl+Y
Resize =Shift+S
Rotate =Ctrl+R
Save as new image =F12
Save copy as =Ctrl+F12
Select none =Ctrl+D
Toggle grid =Ctrl+Alt+G
Toggle rulers =Ctrl+Alt+R
View mask =Ctrl+Alt+V

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